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Builder Sets are for builders and developers that are experienced with construction, often have their own set of architectural details to work with, sometimes their own engineer and always their own interior designer.  This set does not include as many construction details, interior design, construction administration or filling out jurisdictional permit forms.  

Existing Conditions is very similar to a Feasibility Study.   It involves the investigation of the site and/or home to evaluate it's potential. Research may include meeting with the jurisdiction, reviewing site characteristics and restrictions, and reviewing building and zoning codes. It often involves acquiring a geotechnical and/or topographic study. If the project is a remodel or addition, work also includes measuring the existing home and exposed structure and HVAC system and then drafting the measurements into plans, elevations and sections.

(1 - 4 weeks)


Schematic Design will explore within the boundaries established in Existing Conditions.  During this phase, we gather an understanding of the clients lifestyle needs and building style preferences, identify priorities of the program, and discuss what can be achieved within one's budget.  With that, we create a few design options consisting of plans and elevations. By conclusion, we have modified the options into one preliminary design idea along with a corresponding general identification of it's building systems and materials. 

(1 - 4 weeks)

Design Development continues the schematic design into more detail while developing the structure and designing the details.  The amount and types of details needed depends on the style of architecture and how specific the control of the design should be.  Details highly effect the quality of construction, design fees and schedule.  Once the basic framing is designed, the drawings are given to a structural engineer to complete the gravity and shear analysis along with designing structural details that coordinate with the architectural design.

(6 - 10 weeks)

Construction Document phase coordinates all infö from outside consultants along with remaining drafting needed into the drawings.  Drafting at this phase consists of Electrical Layouts, Door & Window Schedules, detail notes, dimensions and reviewing documents for permit application.  

(3 - 6 weeks)


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